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TUC backs Turkish workers at UPS

27 Sep 2010, By

The Turkish trade union TÜMTIS is facing tough times at global parcel delivery company UPS, and a global solidarity campaign run by ITF won support at the September General Council and then at Congress. Since November 2009, more than 150 employees in Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir have been dismissed without any application of the procedures stipulated by Turkish law. All of the dismissed workers are union members or sympathisers. The remaining workers face constant victimisation and harassment in order to dissuade them from joining the union, and some  have even been forced to resign. On 2 July, the conflict escalated in Izmir when it was reported that a manager of a sub-contractor pulled out his gun and started shooting in front of a notary. TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber has written to the Turkish Ambassador protesting at this attack on workers’ rights, and demanding the government intervene.