From the TUC

Brussels sprouts green shoots of protest

30 Sep 2010, By

(Ok, I admit it, the headline is dreadful but….)

Yesterday more than 100,000 trade unionists from across Europe answered the ETUC’s call to march in Brussels to say ‘No’ to the austerity measures currently in vogue across the continent. With co-ordinated protests in 13 European capitals, 10 million on strike in Spain, and campaigning activity up and down the UK (see here, here and here for just a few examples), unions and working people showed the clear frustrations felt by millions of working people across Europe in the face of job losses, pay-freezes and attacks on pensions and terms and conditions.

All this BEFORE the government unveils its plan to take £83bn out economy on October 20.  I suspect whatever anger or frustration is out there at the moment is nothing compared to what will be unleashed once the full impact of the CSR starts to be felt. More news on the ETUC demo to come from our correspondents in the field shortly!