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Bangladeshi workers fight for decent work

07 Oct 2010, By

Kamrul Aman, leader of Bangladesh’s textile workers, is addressing the TUC ‘Stand Up for Decent Work’ event, setting out with force and charm the justice of his union’s reasonable demand for a living wage. He is describing the struggle textile workers have been waging this summer to force the Government to respect the workers who produce garments for sale by the world’s multinationals. Despite forcing concessions, and higher wages, the unions are not satisfied and Aman pledged that the struggle would continue. He described street battles with the police and meetings with Ministers.

“We are fighting for our bread and butter, but the problem is, we have no voice because Bangladesh has not implemented ILO Conventions,” he said.

The TUC event marked World Day for Decent Work 2010. Speeches, music, poetry and stand up from Shappi Khorsandi made this year’s Day a celebration as well as a protest.