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Trade Unions make workers happier

18 Oct 2010, By

Well, I read this and thought that this is a great feel good piece for a dreary Monday afternoon on the eve of the eve before the comprehensive spending review, I found this article at I have suspected that unions make people happier for sometime, but it seems that now Benjamin Radcliffe, professor of political science at Notre Dame and co-author of this new study using life satisfaction surveys in 14 counties, has evidence that they do.

The study shows that people who live in countries with high union density are happier than inhabitants of countries where few people are union members. According to the author, this is not just a freak correlation; he says there is a causal relationship between union membership and happiness. Unions have a direct impact on the happiness of their members. In addition, they have an indirect impact on the job quality of all workers, making even non-members happier. Denmark is quoted as a country with high union density and a high level of happiness; the US, on the other hand, scores poorly on both measures.


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