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All aboard and All Together for public services

19 Oct 2010, By

The TIGMOO twitter and blog feeds are busy today with news of people (see here & here for example) hopping on board coaches heading to the TUC’s ‘All Together for Public Services’ rally and lobby in Westminster.

The speakers line-up at the event reflects the widespread concern about the  ‘savage’ spending cuts likely to announced tomorrow – with Brendan Barber, Dave Prentis, Tony Woodley & Frances O’Grady being joined by the likes of Alison Garnham, chief executive of the Child Poverty Action Group, Duncan Shrubsole from Crisis, actors Benedict Cumberbatch and Joe Kloska,  Holly Dustin from the End Violence Against Women Campaign and Joe Baden from the Open Book project, an access programme for ex-offenders at Goldsmiths University.

One person who won’t be speaking  is the new Labour Leader Ed Miliband. However, far from ‘snubbing’ or ducking the event, Ed Miliband was never actually invited to speak at the rally (the idea being that it would slightly counter-productive to invite the Leader of the Labour Party – or indeed any political party – to speak at a rally and lobby aimed at influencing the coalition Government). Instead he is, quite properly, meeting trade unionists and concerned service users from his own constituency.

Today’s rally will be followed by a whole of TUC and union events up and down the country – see below for a by no means exhaustive list – proof positive that unions and the wider community aren’t going to take the Government’s ideologically driven cuts lying down. I’ve got a feeling this is a movement that is going to grow and grow…

STUC demo in Edinburgh