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Beggars Belief!

29 Oct 2010, By

Just received this press release from Chesterfield and District Trades Union Council – an excellent idea I thought I would share with you. Could go nationwide?


Begging Bankers will be out in force on Chesterfield Market Place this Saturday 30th October at 11.00am.  A group of campaigners from ‘Coalition Against the Cuts’ will be staging a protest against the Government’s decision to cut public spending by slashing jobs and taking money from the poor.  The campaigners, backed by Chesterfield & District TUC, will be dressed as fat cat bankers with cigars and bottles of champagne.

‘They will not be begging for your spare change’ said James Eaden President of Chesterfield TUC, ‘They have already had that and much, much more.  Our fat cat bankers will now be asking for your jobs and services’

The Coalition Against the Cuts is linking together local trade unions with community groups and the many who will be affected by service cuts and changers to higher education funding.

‘Our bit of street theatre has a serious message’ James Eaden went on to say, ‘the budget deficit was caused by the bailing out of the banks and now they want me and you to pay for their binge’.

After Chesterfield the begging bankers will be appearing in towns throughout north Derbyshire. ”

You can contact James Eaden at [email protected]