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Netroots UK: Building our digital grassroots

23 Nov 2010, By

We’re very excited about Netroots UK, a conference we’re supporting on 8 January 2011, to bring together grassroots activists from all across the UK’s progressive movement, and build our skills and networks for the battles to come.

There will be dozens of workshops and activities to choose from, including strategy discussion on issues such as how we campaign against spending cuts locally and nationally, as well as practical training sessions like starting your own blog, learning how to shoot online video, or organising local campaign groups via the internet.

Hearing examples of what works well from major campaigns like Hope Not Hate, and tips from key people in media and politics will help us all have greater impact in our activism in 2011.

Netroots UK is supported by the TUC, Compass, Robin Hood Tax, 38 Degrees, leading left wing blogs Liberal Conspiracy and Left Foot Forward and many more – including Netroots Nation, the people behind the US mega-conference for digital activists. With some great speakers from the UK and the States, it should be a really energising event for campaigners of all types, all interests, and all levels of internet expertise.

We’ll be there, and it should be a great chance to think through some of the big strategic questions together, as well as helping to get a union perspective integrated into the UK’s wider online activist scene. We’d love to see you there too!

You can find out more and reserve your place at the event at