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WERS 2011 survey coming soon

25 Nov 2010, By

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) are now organising a new round of Britain’s largest employment relations study, WERS (the Workplace Employment Relations Study). Look out for it if it comes to your workplace – It’s your chance to help shape what decision makers use to inform their judgements about the world of work.

WERS examines 3,000 employers in detail, to gauge and explore the current employment relations climate by giving a picture of working life in Britain. The 2011 study will be the sixth since it begain in 1980.

WERS is particularly good in that it gives a rounded picture of workplaces. Interview are held not just with managers, but also employees and union reps. This means it’s an important resource for unions and policy makers. In particular it helps us nail many of the myths about union organisation and unions’ impact on workplaces. And internally, it also allows us to track our strengths and weaknesses.

Government respect it too, and its evidence has helped us succesfully argue for progressive policies on work-life balance, equal opportunities and dispute resolution.

A select group of workplaces will be contacted from October and the study will begin in January 2011. The TUC is a strong supporter of WERS and we’d encourage unions and union reps to fully participate if you are in one of the workplaces chosen.

If you would like to know more about the study visit the website: