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Support our Tunisian brothers and sisters

28 Dec 2010, By

Tunisian trade unionists are protesting about the levels of unemployment (officially 14%), despite attempts by the police to prevent them demonstrating. The Financial Times reports that the demonstrators are being penned in around the head of office of the UGTT (the Tunisian TUC), to stifle dissent – after several days of unrest in the capital,…

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Support your local TUC Unemployed Workers’ Centre

17 Dec 2010, By

Just received information about the new blog for Birmingham Unemployed Workers’ Centre at Sparkbrook – – which got me thinking that we don’t do enough to sing the praises of the centres which are doing a great job in difficult circumstances. And it’s going to get worse for them with greater demands on their services…

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15 Dec 2010, By

no, not about chocolates, but about this year’s TUC Organising Academy graduation which once again coincided with our Leading Change graduation (see here for details of the new Lay Leadership Development programme) bringing together existing and future union leaders in celebration of all things union and organising…. On a personal note, was also a chance to say some thanks and…

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Union Busting X-Factor Style

14 Dec 2010, By

Normally a staple in the Nowak household, this year’s series of the X-Factor is without doubt the last time Cowell and chums will inveigle their way into my living room. Accusations of result fixing and Saturday’s guest performances by Rhianna and Christine Aguilera which have attracted pretty wide-spread condemnation (some from the usual suspects, some from much…

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Act now in solidarity with Iranian hunger striking trade unionist

11 Dec 2010, By

Reza Shahabi is the Treasurer of the Tehran-based bus workers union in Iran. He has been on hunger strike since 4 December, in protest against his imprisonment, and that of his fellow trade unionists. He was arrested on 12 June 2010, three days after the arrest of Saeed Torabian, the union’s spokesperson. Saeed Torabian has since…

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Building stronger unions in the global south: a new TUC strategy

09 Dec 2010, By

The TUC is today (Thursday 9 December) launching its new four year strategy for international development. Global solidarity, global justice sets out the TUC’s vision and goals for 2011-2015, together with four priority areas of activity, and building stronger unions is a key element of the strategy. Trade unions empower workers to combat poverty both for their…

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Labour Photo of the Year 2010 – voting open now!

07 Dec 2010, By

Voting has opened on LabourStart’s annual Labour Photo of the Year contest. The judging panel have chosen five entries from the pool submitted on Flickr, and have a range of photos from the UK, Korea, Turkey, USA and Canada. You can cast your own vote at The UK photo up for vote is by…

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