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VIDEO: World Aids Day – Nigerian unions tackling HIV/Aids in the workplace

01 Dec 2010, By

Esther Ogunfowora, Co-ordinator for the TUC / NLC (Nigeria Labour Congress) HIV/Aids in the workplace intiative was in London for World Aids Day (1 Dec 2010), speaking at a TUC seminar on this year’s ILO Recommendation on HIV/Aids in the workplace.

We caught up with her, and she told us about the project, which seeks to link up workplaces to help improve HIV testing rates and reduce discrimination (in a country in which you can often by fired for being HIV positive).

Esther discusses the opportunities offered in June by the ILO, with a recommendation that puts a obligation on governments to address the issues around HIV/Aids and work, and she sees a strong role for unions in this important work.