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Union Busting X-Factor Style

14 Dec 2010, By

Normally a staple in the Nowak household, this year’s series of the X-Factor is without doubt the last time Cowell and chums will inveigle their way into my living room.

Accusations of result fixing and Saturday’s guest performances by Rhianna and Christine Aguilera which have attracted pretty wide-spread condemnation (some from the usual suspects, some from much more considered angles – here and here), have been compounded by what looks like a pretty grubby attempt at ‘union busting’.

As John Smith of the Musician’s Union reported to the TUC’s General Council today, prior to Saturday’s live final (part 1) an e-mail was sent out to music colleges seeking  ‘camera friendly’ female violinists to appear on the show at below union-agreed rates. What’s more the email went on to specify that potential applicants should not be members of the Musicians Union.As the MU point out this is not only ethically outrageous, its also likely to be in breach of the law.

So – sorry Matt Cardle, you seem like a nice bloke, but I’m afraid I’m jumping on the Captain Ska Christmas Number 1 bandwagon, and I suggest anyone else who thinks that little things like the basic legal and human right to join a union are important to do the same!

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  2. Nick Venedi
    Dec 15th 2010, 11:23 am

    Hey Paul,

    Great that other TU activists are taking an interest in this type of thing. The X Factor ‘phenomenon’ or event is damaging a lot of the values that we hold and as I said on my own blog many sub standard programmes are now produced in an attempt to keep people who are facing huge difficulties due th the economic crisis created by the bankers occupied. I did not know about the email send out to musicians before the final and now that I do I am even more annoyed than before. People like SC who are otherwise talentless should not be allowed to exercise such a degree of control. I shall be campaigning for the alternative single as a sign of protest even though I feel Matt is a good musician.

  3. Paul Nowak

    Dec 16th 2010, 9:33 am

    Cheers Nick – I’ve already invested in Captain Ska, but they look to be struggling a bit. Might have to hedge bets with Surfin’ Bird as well!