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15 Dec 2010, By

no, not about chocolates, but about this year’s TUC Organising Academy graduation which once again coincided with our Leading Change graduation (see here for details of the new Lay Leadership Development programme) bringing together existing and future union leaders in celebration of all things union and organising…. On a personal note, was also a chance to say some thanks and farewells to all those I have worked with during my time at the Academy.  I have met and worked with some extremely talented Academy Organisers both in our national Academy and also in Union internal academies; we have trained, assessed and briefed over 2000 trade unionists and worked with 22 different affiliate unions in the uk on a range of projects.  My time here has been an honour and a privilege.  So whilst excited to be moving into my new role with ITF and IUF leading a new project, I am also going to miss spending time with colleagues here in the uk; thanks everyone for an amazing time!