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A return to corporatism?

31 Jan 2011, By Guest

It seems that the Conservative Party has undergone something of a transformation in its attitude towards union input into government policy. On Friday’s Today programme, Francis Maude called on unions to “see themselves as social partners working together with the government as much as possible”, along the lines of the corporatist partnership model that exists…

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Tunisia: unions play a key role

30 Jan 2011, By

In the month since Stronger Unions covered the first disturbances, unions in Tunisia have been at the forefront of the huge political developments. When demonstrations were raging in Tunis and around the country, unions were at the forefront – there was even a demonstration in favour of police unionisation – and were the target of…

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Unions respond to government’s ‘volatile cocktail’

28 Jan 2011, By

Earlier today unions from across the public and private sectors came together to plan how best to respond to the impact of the government’s programme of cuts and ‘reforms’.  As well as devastating our public services; stifling economic recovery; increasing unemployment and hitting the poorest and most vulnerable hardest; its clear the government’s plans could…

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Join us in Manchester

27 Jan 2011, By

On Saturday the TUC – in partnership with the NUS and UCU – will be hosting a national rally in Manchester. ‘A Future that Works’ will highlight the impact of the  coalition government’s programme of cuts and ‘reforms’  on young workers, students and young people in general. Despite the fact that nearly  one million young people…

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Roundtable on The Future of Collective Representation, 23 March

27 Jan 2011, By Guest

The TUC is hosting a roundtable at Congress House on Wednesday 23 March from 10.00 to 16.30 as part of its joint research project with the Economic and Social Research Council on Unions, Collective Bargaining and Employment Relations.  The roundtable will bring together union officials, academics, and representatives from organisations such as Acas to discuss…

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Stewards Wanted for March for the Alternative

17 Jan 2011, By

The March for the Alternative on March 26th is going to be huge! That means we are going to need lots of volunteer stewards to help make the day a well-run, family-friendly event. Good events need about one steward for every 50 people attending, so that tells you how many we will need. We are…

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