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Join us in Manchester

27 Jan 2011, By

On Saturday the TUC – in partnership with the NUS and UCU – will be hosting a national rally in Manchester. ‘A Future that Works’ will highlight the impact of the  coalition government’s programme of cuts and ‘reforms’  on young workers, students and young people in general.

Despite the fact that nearly  one million young people are out of work,  the government seems intent on driving forward policies that can only intensify the pressure on the next generation of workers – the scrapping of EMA; the tripling of tuition fees and the end of the Future Jobs Fund all bear the hallmarks of a government thats out of touch, and out of ideas for tackling youth unemployment.

Join us in Manchester on Saturday and support the call for a ‘Future that Works’!

3 Responses to Join us in Manchester

  1. Liz Alberti
    Jan 29th 2011, 3:29 pm

    As a member of NUT for 30 yrs can you explain why a legitimate demo always ends up in chaos and needs a barrage of police eventually. Unions should steward their own marches and organise them efficiently. I am supposed to be taking a grandchild to Manchester to an event this evening and we are scared. Freedom to demonstrate somehow always seems to end up with other people losing their freedom to movement unless they are willing to take risks with their safety.

  2. Paul Nowak

    Jan 31st 2011, 1:56 pm


    We had about 3500 students, trade union members and members of the broader community at the rally in Platt Fields – everyone arrrived at the event, took part in the rally and left safely, and there were no incidents of violence or trouble. Ourselves, the NUS and a range of unions provided stewards for the march and rally.

    A very small group then made their way into the city centre and there was some trouble – but this was caused by no more than 50-100 people.

    As a father of 3 I can well understand your fears and frustrations – my only point would be that is that sometimes very small disturbances attract a disproportionate amount of media coverage, and I think the overwheming majority of people in Manchester in Saturday would have been safe going about their business in the evening. Hope you and your grandchild had a good night out in the end.

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