From the TUC

Unions respond to government’s ‘volatile cocktail’

28 Jan 2011, By

Earlier today unions from across the public and private sectors came together to plan how best to respond to the impact of the government’s programme of cuts and ‘reforms’.

 As well as devastating our public services; stifling economic recovery; increasing unemployment and hitting the poorest and most vulnerable hardest; its clear the government’s plans could come as a hammer blow to public sector workers. The prospect of over 400,00 job losses, a two year pay freeze and potential changes to pensions  are just the tip of a public sector ice-berg which threatens pay, terms and conditions across health, local government, education and the civil service.

Today’s meeting at the TUC gave unions the opportunity to think through how best to collectively respond to these pressures and to link the campaign to protect public sector workers, with the broader All Together campaign to expose the impact of the government’s cuts and reforms and set out the economic alternative. Its clear this wider campaign is beginning to gather pace – a clear majority of the British public now believes that the cuts are unfair and damaging to the economy.

You can read about the outcome of the meeting here.