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Guardian Article – gentle mockery

30 Mar 2011, By

I was pleased to read this article in the Guardian Society Section this morning, an article by Mike White referring to our winner of the TUC 60 Second Ad Winner 2011, Steve Price. It is worth a read. Also check out our winner here in Hyde Park.

Collective bargaining and the case for “the alternative”

28 Mar 2011, By Guest

The enormous turnout at the March for the Alternative on Saturday showed the TUC’s capacity to mobilise opposition against the government’s cuts agenda. The next obvious step is to mobilise support for an economic alternative, and I would argue that a stronger system of collective bargaining needs to be prominent in the case that unions…

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Playfair 2012 speaker tour: playing by the rules on workers’ rights

27 Mar 2011, By

It would take a Sri Lankan sportswear worker 14,000 years to earn the Nike CEO’s £8m pot for 2010. While Adidas, the official sportswear sponsor for London 2012, can afford £100m in sponsorship fees, it is less sure about being able to pay workers making its products a living wage. Nirosha Priyadarshini Manakanda Dewage, co-President, Free Trade…

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Come to the rally in solidarity with US workers and unions

25 Mar 2011, By

On Thursday 4 April 1968, Dr Martin Luther King Jnr was assassinated in Memphis where he had gone to stand with sanitation workers to demand the right to bargain collectively for a voice at work and a better life. The AFL-CIO has designated Monday 4 April 2011 a Day of Solidarity with the public sector…

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Unions fight austerity worldwide

24 Mar 2011, By

Trade unionists from France, Ireland, Spain and the USA joined Ken Livingstone and Christine Blower tonight at the Southern and Eastern Region TUC rally against austerity. It was topped off by Fred Redmond, Vice President of the USW who brought together the campaigns against the cuts with the struggle for union rights. Slamming the right…

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What happens after the rally? Four ideas for strengthening the campaign against the cuts

24 Mar 2011, By

Politics in the UK is at a crossroads. The government has presented its vision of a radical overhaul to public spending. A community-based movement involving unions and community organisations is building opposition to this agenda, with the major rally on Saturday 26 March. But like all coalitions between different community-based organisations, the challenge is how…

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