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Time to make a difference: support Arab trade unions

12 Mar 2011, By

TUC Aid has launched its urgent financial appeal for funds to support trade unions in the Middle East and North Africa. There is a special web page for the appeal which we will be adding to over the coming days, and a Just Giving donations page where you can make an individual donation and see how the appeal is going.

Initially, we are seeking £15,000 to give to the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) who are co-ordinating global trade union efforts to help Arab trade unions. And we launched the appeal with half that money already committed (thanks to UCU and Unison in particular). However, don’t think this will be easy – there are lots of calls on people’s funds at this time of austerity, and once we have reached the initial target for emergency aid, we will be moving on to seek considerably bigger sums for specific projects like running an ITUC office in Cairo to help the new Egyptian unions grow, and assisting the Tunisian trade union movement to deal with the people flocking to join the movement there.

So don’t stop giving when we reach our target!

Encourage your work mates to donate, or hold a collection at work (you can even ask your employer to contribute, or ask work mates to make regular donations to TUC Aid through Give As You Earn); hold collections at union events, courses and conferences; run a social event in solidarity with Arab trade unionists; and even take part in sponsorship events, donating to the TUC Aid MENA appeal. Anything you can do to secure contributions to the TUC Aid appeal would be worth hearing about and telling others – so tweet, post on Facebook and blog about the appeal, and about what you manage to do.