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Wisconsin: unions begin to exploit their electoral strength

06 Apr 2011, By

Stronger Unions readers will know all about what’s been happening in Wisconsin. Mostly, it’s been a traditional story of union solidarity against overwhelming odds: our historic role to go down to glorious defeat. But one of the reasons unions have become such a persistent voice for the underdog is that unions aren’t just the voice of the voiceless, sometimes we’re the power of the powerless. Sometimes we win. And maybe, just maybe, that’s beginning to happen in Wisconsin, as the AFLCIO’s latest blog post reveals. The headline is that the Republicans are beginning to lose out at the polls, as unions turn their numbers into voting strength. This, of course, is a lot of what the struggle in Wisconsin is all about – trimming the electoral power of the trade unions. But Wisconsin unions are now demonstrating that abiding truth of trade unionism: they may be rich and powerful. But we are many. And in democracies, that’s what counts. Well done, Wisconsin!