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Protest at trade union repression in Swaziland on Tuesday

21 Apr 2011, By

The trade union movement in Swaziland is struggling against repression from the last feudal monarchy in Africa, whose King lives in lavish splendour while his people live in poverty, with the highest HIV/AIDS rate in the world. Earlier this month, protests in Swaziland for democracy were brutally crushed despite worldwide protests. One of the TUC’s partners in Swaziland, Percy Masuku of labour research and education organisation IRALE, gave his personal testimony to us.

Now you can help fight back. King Mswati III is coming to London next week for – you guessed it – the Royal Wedding. He and his 50-strong entourage will hole up in London’s swanky Dorchester Hotel, in a display of wealth and privilege that turns the stomach. ACTSA and the Swaziland Vigil have called a protest which the TUC supports for 6pm on Tuesday 26 April. Let ACTSA know if you can come, and spread the word!