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Act now to defend Iraqi oil union leader

30 May 2011, By

The TUC is supporting a Labour Start appeal to defend the President of the Kirkuk Oil and Gas Workers Union, Jamal Abdul-Jabbar who has been forcibly relocated by his employers. International union protests have prevented this sort of management harassment before. The Northern Oil Company of Iraq has forcibly relocated the President of the Kirkuk…

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Wisconsin: chickens home to roost?

24 May 2011, By

The union campaign to recall Republican lawmakers in Wisconsin achieved another success today when recall votes were announced for state Senators Dan Kapanke of La Crosse, Randy Hopper of Fond du Lac and Luther Olsen of Ripon. Recall petitions also have been filed for Alberta Darling of River Hills, Shelia Harsdof of River Falls and  Robert Cowles of…

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Research module completed

23 May 2011, By Guest

We’ve just completed our second module on the Diploma in Organising at the Academy which covers research. During one of the activities, the group had to undertake research based on a well know sporting company, answering questions from the basic name through to it’s bottom line.  I took a photo of one round of answers…

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Roddagate: Of clots and climb downs

19 May 2011, By

Perhaps the u-turns and climb downs pioneered by this Coalition are catching. On Sunday Andrew Rodda, operations manager at premier Cornish clotted cream firm A E Rodda was quoted in the Observer giving his considered views on pay rises for staff. He told the paper that he pays “slightly above” the minimum wage but reckons…

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Australian union’s successful recruitment month

17 May 2011, By

Australian union the AWU runs a special recruitment week – the May offensive – every year (although in the last two years it was July), and this year has produced record gains: 1428 new members in the first two weeks. The month-long recruitment effort includes weekly updates of membership gains.

Pay up or pay the price on interns

12 May 2011, By

Bit of a cheat blog post but well done to the NUJ for a great victory on behalf of interns.  Their PR is below NUJ wins first victory for intern The NUJ has warned media employers to “pay interns or face the consequences” after union member Keri Hudson successfully sued TPG Web Publishing Ltd over…

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