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Was Cable right? Have your say

06 Jun 2011, By

The Guardian is running a poll on its website about whether you support Vince Cable’s warning to the GMB Congress today that if unions

“increase strikes opposing the coalition’s cuts the government may make it harder for them to embark on industrial action by legislating to prevent it.”

It’s up to you how you vote…..

2 Responses to Was Cable right? Have your say

  1. mhinder Bhopal
    Jun 7th 2011, 11:07 pm

    Vince cable was right from his perspective..we know which side of the ideological divide he has gone to, and he wants workers to go there too (sounds thatcherire/cameronie- not even one nation tory). Time for a bloody nose to this ideological onslaught, and a real fight to ensure that those with the broadest shoulders bear the burden. A general strike is the only way left for any change of trajectory…fragmented action will be like the proverbial urinating against the wind.

  2. mhinder Bhopal
    Jun 7th 2011, 11:41 pm

    moderation is censorship…the tuc should have an open platform for all views…only then can we have democratic debate devoid of boundaries….but then again the TUC does not have a history of this.