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ACT NOW – campaign for Iranian workers’ rights

13 Jun 2011, By

Our friends at Amnesty International have launched a major campaign in support of free trade unionism in Iran, focusing on heroes of the trade union movement like Mansour Osanloo (recently released) and his colleagues in the Tehran bus workers’ union, in the Haft Tapeh sugar workers’ union and in the Iranian Teachers Trade Association. The campaign includes email, postcard and letter writing actions aimed at Ayatollah Khamenei, Iranian Minister for Labour and Social Affairs Dr Abdolreza Sheikholeslami, and the Iranian judiciary.

Trade union solidarity is based on the understanding that stronger unions anywhere mean stronger unions everywhere, and British trade unionists who have already done so much to support our colleagues in Iran should join again with trade unionists in South Korea, South Africa, Canada and many other countries to demand freedom and justice for Iranian workers.

For hard copy versions of the postcard and brochure (there may well be a charge for large quantities) please email [email protected]