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Latest anti-union video leaks

23 Jun 2011, By Guest

Our third module for the Diploma in Organising focuses on strategy and campaign planning.  We look at a variety of different aspects to planning a campaign, developing union strategy and communicating our messages to workers.

By a happy coincidence, during part of our communications theme, we were joined by two activists from the US who had been part of organising graduate teaching assistants in their university.  It was great to have them describe their experiences of communicating in a non union environment

When I got back to my desk after the four days, I came across this video via a posting on GAWKER.  Played to all new Target staff when they start working with the company, it’s another example of subtle (though quite overt) anti union bashing techniques that workers and unions have to overcome.

It couldn’t have come at a better time while my mind was still thinking about themes, messages at goals.  Especially after hearing Scott and Duncan’s experiences, it cemented the need for us to ensure good worker to worker communication that is face to face.  We’re much more likely to overcome these lies when trusted leaders in the workplaces are debunking them rather than external full time officers.

This is where our 200,000 activists, reps and shop stewards are playing such a crucial role in organising within the UK and in how important it is that not only we continue to encourage workplace leadership but give them the tools and support to build from within.

A word of thanks to Scott Henkel who was kind to donate his time while attending an academic conference here in the UK to share his experiences.