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25 years on from the Wapping strikes

28 Jul 2011, By

With a heightened interest in Rupert Murdoch and his empire, it’s handy the TUC are currently hosting a new exhibition: ‘News International Wapping – 25 Years on’ – The strike that made the modern media. The Wapping dispute marked the beginning of the end of Fleet Street, it was a turning point for the British…

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Conservatives failing to conserve British history

21 Jul 2011, By

I noticed in my recent edition of History Today a short article referring to a report by the British Academy, History for the Taking:Perspectives on material heritage, which shows that the government spending cuts and rushed legislation risk destroying Britain’s cultural heritage irreparably. Sir Barry Cunliffe, Britain’s leading archaeologist, writes in the report that: “cultural…

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Safety: The ‘union effect’ is as strong as ever

13 Jul 2011, By

You would have thought that if there were a proved way of cutting workplace deaths by a half, and making cutting all injuries by about a quarter then employers and the Government would jump at it. Well there is and it is called union health and safety representatives. The TUC has just updated and republished…

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TUC Young Leaders programme

08 Jul 2011, By

As part of its new Building Stronger Unions training programme the TUC is pleased to announce details of the TUC Young Leaders course. The course is aimed at young activists and in particular, but not exclusively, those who are members of union young members committees and networks. The programme will be delivered over two, two…

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Organising Academy Programme 2011-12

05 Jul 2011, By Guest

I’m really pleased to say that the OA Programme 2011-12 is now available to download. During the six months I’ve been on the Academy, I’ve had time to look at the existing courses we offer to unions, taught them and even surveyed union staff asking what they need in terms of organising and campaigning.  Overwhelmingly, what we heard…

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The Unions’ image problem: Challenges in communication

01 Jul 2011, By

These two pictures, designed by Amy Jackson for Unions21, show what unions are up against when attempting to present a positive image through the media. In this first image, the size of each word represents the frequency it was used in press releases issued by five of the largest unions over a fortnight in spring…

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