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Organising Academy Programme 2011-12

05 Jul 2011, By Guest

I’m really pleased to say that the OA Programme 2011-12 is now available to download.

During the six months I’ve been on the Academy, I’ve had time to look at the existing courses we offer to unions, taught them and even surveyed union staff asking what they need in terms of organising and campaigning. 

Overwhelmingly, what we heard is that the dismantling of existing ways of bargaining is going to have a massive impact on unions’ capacity.  Our programme had to address this and ensure that unions have the skills and knowledge they need to tackle the upcoming challenges. 

So, adding to our existing courses, the Diploma in Organising and the Advanced Certificate in Organising, now we have:

Communities and Coalitions – helping unions to build effective community coalitions and campaigns

Strategic Research, Bargaining and Campaigning – bridging the gap between organising, research and bargaining, helping union staff to effectively negotiate locally.

Strategic Research – showing how good recent is the cornerstone for organising.

Communications and Campaigns – hlpeing union staff to speak in public and use new social media to mobilise members.

Also, I’m extremely pleased that we have created the Award in Supporting Organising which has been designed for union staff members in administrateive and other support roles to give them a clear understanding of organising and how they can help build the union.

If you would like to apply for a place on one of our courses, fill in the application form and send over to us at [email protected]

Before I sign off, I must also mention the great help that our colleagues at Ruskin College have given us, especially our Project Worker, Mark Everden.