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Fiji: protest at attacks on trade unionism

25 Aug 2011, By

The TUC has joined a global union campaign, backed by Amnesty International, to protest at attacks on trade unions in Fiji by the military government. You can help, by protesting online, or attending a protest outside the Fiji High Commission on Thursday 1 September at 4pm. And by telling other trade unionists about what is…

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What has the ETI ever done for us?

24 Aug 2011, By

The Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) is an alliance of unions, companies and NGOs working to improve the labour rights of the 10 million workers in the global supply chains of ETI member companies. The TUC is a founding member, and I’ve just posted a blog on its website titled “What have the unions ever done…

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Poverty Index Essay Competition

15 Aug 2011, By Guest

Generally on a Sunday I try to steer clear of news or programmes related to the news, for so many reasons, but partly because I see so much of what’s going on related to the demise of collective bargaining and it’s nice to have a day to rest. But, there was so much to get…

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20 seconds for Bahrain…

12 Aug 2011, By

I thought I’d start my first stronger unions blog by highlighting a union that is about to get a lot weaker if we don’t urgently speak up for them: the Bahraini Teachers’ Association (BTA). The Bahraini government has left their leaders – Jalila al-Salman, and Mahdi ‘Issa Mahdi Abu  – to rot in jail ever…

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New Rules for Radicals?

11 Aug 2011, By Guest

Since my last posting on the blog, I’ve been in the office putting together the skeleton for the organising handbook which will accompany our Diploma in Organising course next year.  I’m finishing that all up to start to make amendments to our courses next week.  Today is my literature review where I’m reading and re-reading…

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News International and mobilisation theory

04 Aug 2011, By Guest

Anyone that spends some time with us here at the Organising Academy will know what fans we are of John Kelly‘s mobilisation theory to explain why people get angry around issues and how campaigns can succeed or fail. John explained his theory to TSSA members last year and someone made a great video that I…

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Applications open for TUC Lay Leadership Programme

03 Aug 2011, By

After a successful pilot programme, the TUC is recruiting for the second intake into its Lay Leadership Development Programme.   The programme will provide senior lay union representatives (i.e. members of union National Executives) with a challenging and innovative package of training, discussion and support delivered over three 2-day modules.  The core themes of the programme…

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