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Excuse me, is this YOUR placard?

02 Aug 2011, By

Save Our Placards

You know that placard you spent literally multiple minutes doing the night before March For The Alternative? You know, the placard with all that Pritt stick and gel pen? Funny wasn’t it?

Although after the march you callously discarded your half-drunken attempt at a uber-sophisticated political statement (e.g. Calling George Osborne an idiot), the Turner Gallery might want it.

500,000 of us marched through London in protest against government spending cuts – if you haven’t heard, the march went really well. The Save Our Placards team from Goldsmiths were asking people to donate their one-march stand placards to a good cause.

After sieving through a whole load of just terrible placards (sorry, your uber-sophisticated political statement was lost on them), they’ve settled on 12 they liked enough to send to the Turner Contemporary.

The problem is they didn’t get everyone’s email address…Sorry! They still need to track down 6 of those 12 creative placard designers ASAP. Are you one of them?

Please tweet, like and send carrier pigeons about the Save Our Placards blog and facebook group.