From the TUC

Fiji: protest at attacks on trade unionism

25 Aug 2011, By

The TUC has joined a global union campaign, backed by Amnesty International, to protest at attacks on trade unions in Fiji by the military government. You can help, by protesting online, or attending a protest outside the Fiji High Commission on Thursday 1 September at 4pm. And by telling other trade unionists about what is being done to our brothers and sisters in the Fiji Trades Union Congress.

The military dictatorship attacks anyone who stands up to them. Unions have to request permission to hold meetings, and that permission is increasingly being refused: FTUC President Daniel Urai is being tried on 2 September for meeting with union members. Public sector trade unionism faces increasing obstacles, with check-off removed, and employment rights suspended. Now a new Decree will allow the Government to ban strikes and collective bargaining in any sector they decide is ‘essential’: people expect sugar farming and tourism to be the first targets.

We need to make sure that the Fijian military wake up on Friday 2 September knowing that the world is watching and protesting. Unions in Australia and New Zealand, international transport workers and public services workers, the International Trade Union Confederation and the Commonwealth Trade Union Group are all engaged in the campaign and will be taking action to protest.

Join in. Defending unions anywhere means stronger unions everywhere.