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VIDEO: What are the challenges for unions?

28 Sep 2011, By Guest

You may have picked up Carl’s original posting a month or so ago on trade union membership.  But, in case you haven’t, here’s our first Organising Academy webinar on those figures and what they mean for unions.  Be great to hear your thoughts.

Firefighter solidarity with Palestine

28 Sep 2011, By

FBU Scotland are donating two fire engines (what firefighters call ‘appliances’) and a load of equipment to the municipality of Nablus on the West Bank as a gesture of solidarity with Palestinian firefighters: a great idea which echoes similar donations to Iraqi and other firefighters over the years.

Web links for 23rd September 2011

23 Sep 2011, By

Austerity: the union take on a very Greek tragedy Zoe Lanara of the GSEE (the Greek TUC) gives her side of the Greek strikes story on Touchstone blog. The Daily Mail’s poisonous lies must be fought by all trade unionists Unite’s Rick Coyle tells us the real story behind the Daily Mail’s “Foreign workers at…

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EU finance ministers run. But they can’t hide forever

19 Sep 2011, By

The EU Finance Ministers’ meeting this weekend in Wroclaw, Poland, was not going anywhere anyway – Governments across Europe have only one response to the crisis, which is to pass the cost on to ordinary working people. But it still broke up early because they didn’t want their ruminations disturbed by a 20% larger than…

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Do private sector workers support public sector strikes?

19 Sep 2011, By

An email from HR Review Update landed in my inbox. ‘Majority of private sector employees oppose public sector strikes’ read the story. But on closer inspection, it made for slightly more interesting reading than the usual line trotted out by various right wing commentators and Tory ministers. The poll was conducted by recruitment consultants, Badenoch…

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