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Activists: put pressure on European finance ministers this weekend

01 Oct 2011, By

This isn’t the normal Stronger Unions post, but you’re all activists, and this is about the sort of economy we live in, so it’s important for union organising, honestly! On Monday, European finance ministers meet in Luxemburg, and the internet petition people Avaaz, who have 6 million supporters worldwide (a lot of them in the UK, interestingly) want our support to press finance ministers to act for the people – and the real economy – not big finance. Their petition says:

As citizens concerned about the economic crisis and massive austerity cuts, we urge you to take bold action to save our economies. Europe must face down the banking lobbies, stop the cuts and urgently introduce the people-centred spending and regulation policies that will secure our future.

Please sign it and encourage everyone you know to sign too.