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Unions in US join ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement

05 Oct 2011, By

Placard from #OccupyWallStreet. Photo by Eric Hart

Days ago, the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement in the USA was on the fringes – on the outside left, a howl of protest that many might have sympathised with, but which stood outside the mainstream of political debate. But today, America’s trade unions marched with the movement, and AFLCIO President Rich Trumka issued this statement of support.

Trade unions came on board at the weekend, when transit workers in the TWU were ordered by police to carry away over 700 arrested protesters. They didn’t want to do it, and their union backed them, but the courts ordered them to proceed. So the unions – unable to strike over the issue – joined the protests instead, taking to the streets in a mass march this afternoon.

Demonstrating that unions can connect with popular discontent, Rich Trumka expressed the way that ‘Occupy Wall Street’ have come to stand for the concern many feel, across the USA:

“Occupy Wall Street has captured the imagination and passion of millions of Americans who have lost hope that our nation’s policymakers are speaking for them. We support the protesters in their determination to hold Wall Street accountable and create good jobs. We are proud that today on Wall Street, bus drivers, painters, nurses and utility workers are joining students and homeowners, the unemployed and the underemployed to call for fundamental change.”

2 Responses to Unions in US join ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement

  1. Peter Gaskin
    Oct 6th 2011, 4:59 pm

    Standing in solidarity is a noble and just act. Congratulations for doing so and I hope your action resonates around the world.