From the TUC

With November 30 around the corner…

21 Oct 2011, By Guest

With the build up to November 30, it seems that every day my twitter feed (@beckytuc) brings news of more action and organising against the cuts and for a decent life for all working people.  In the last few weeks, there is Occupy Wall Street, the UK’s Occupy London Stock Exchange, and union members are taking industrial action for services for their local communities.

We know that trade union membership is slightly declining (see my previous webinar on the subject) and yet with the day of action around the corner, unions are reporting increased membership and activity.  How is this possible and what does this mean for organisers?

Those of us who have paid into a public sector pension know that far from being gold plated, most public sector pensions are less than £5,600 a year and that previous reforms had ensured that schemes were affordable.  What we are seeing by the Government is a willful breach of the contract and reneging promise made.  Think about how you feel when you’ve made a deal with someone and they go back on that or, when you’re playing a team sport and the other team don’t play by the rules.  Most of us feel angry, upset and downright annoyed.

And this is where we find ourselves and what is motivating people to become involved in their unions.  It’s John Kelly’s mobilisation theory.  Ordinary working people have felt angry, they have felt hope through organising and are now getting ready for action.