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What is the Diploma in Organising?

24 Oct 2011, By Guest

Group work from the Diploma session on research

If I was to ask you to do a Spectrum of Allies analysis would you know where to start?

For the Organising Academy, the last few weeks have been all about ends and beginnings.  As our new programme for 2011-12 begins, students from last year have begun to submit portfolios of learning and graduate to continue their union journey.

Our Diploma in Organising is the most substantial course that we run at the Organising Academy.  It’s  6-12 months of a combination of classroom and workplace learning which gives organisers not only the basic skills needed to organise but far, far more in terms of the fundamentals of campaign research, strategy and communication.

We also look at how to motivate activists and what that means in supporting the great work that reps and stewards do.  We look at past, present and possible campaigns to see how we can do more to strengthen the position of working people.

I’ve been an organiser for over ten years, and taught on this course quite a lot and I’m still learning every time I go into the classroom.

And, because there is so much to learn and so much to find out about, we have a follow on course (Advanced Certificate in Organising) which goes even further.  No matter how long you’ve been involved in the movement as a staff member, there are new things to learn.

Look forward to seeing you on one of our courses soon…