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Fijian trade union leader arrested as he steps off plane

30 Oct 2011, By

Daniel Urai, FTUC President

Daniel Urai, the President of the Fiji TUC, was arrested as he stepped from the plane that returned him to Fiji from the Commonwealth People’s Forum in Perth WA on Saturday. He had been in Perth to brief world leaders – such as Australian PM Julia Gillard who he met on Wednesday – and civil society representatives about the Fijian dictatorship. In particular, he was seeking condemnation of the Essential Industries Decree which bans collective bargaining and strikes in industries like telecoms, finance and air travel. But as if just to prove that they have learnt nothing and certainly haven’t changed, the Fijian dictatorship has now arrested Daniel without charge. This move has been condemned already by the Australian, British and New Zealand trade union movements, and further condemnations and an action that individual members can take are likely soon.

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