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Web links for 3rd November 2011

03 Nov 2011, By

  • What exactly has changed as a result of yesterday’s heavily spun public service pension announcement by the government? Our Pensions Justice campaign website examines the detail and finds the difference is hardly as great as Danny Alexander and David Cameron are making out.
  • LabourList kick off the new “Unions” section of their swankily redesigned site with this piece from John Healy MP, on Aidan Burley’s Trade Union Officials (Public Funding) adjournment debate in the Commons, seeking to remove paid facility time for union reps. Healy argues the new Tory intake especially have an inbuilt hostility to trade unionism, born partly of a lack of knowledge of what unions actually do, and partly through work done by right wing outliers like the TPA to frame the debate. Facility time needs to be defended, as it enables unions’ grounding in the workplace. Attempts to remove it are a tactical move to undermine unions’ legitimacy and support.