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Take action to defend Fiji’s trade union leaders

08 Nov 2011, By

UPDATE: nearly 3,500 people have already taken action to defend our colleagues in Fiji, and we have good news to report. First, Daniel Urai was unexpectedly granted bail (although he’s under curfew at night) and now Felix Anthony has been released without charge. Both are in good spirits, but warn that we must remain vigilant. Our other campaigning work over trade union repression in Fiji wil continue.

As reported on Stronger Unions over the last two weeks, the Fijian military dictatorship has arrested the President (Daniel Urai) and General Secretary (Felix Anthony) of the Fijian Trades Union Congress (FTUC). Now Daniel has been charged with treason – specifically, conspiring to overthrow the (illegal) government, and Felix is likely to face the same charge when the ten days that he can be held without charge expires.

Global Unions have launched a LabourStart online action to protest about the arrests and demand the release of our colleagues in Fiji. Please support the action, and encourage friends and workmates to do the same. All Daniel and Felix have done is to defend their members’ interests against the Fijian military, who are out to smash the unions and are destroying the economy.

2 Responses to Take action to defend Fiji’s trade union leaders

  1. Vincent Msengi Baloyi
    Nov 9th 2011, 9:15 am

    I’m calling to support our comrades who have being detain without fair trail. We are colling on the government of Fiji to release comrades with the immediate effect. How can you detain people, while you are not voted into power.I will also like to say to the illegal government of Fiji (dictator) this is a new era all people in the world have the right to be heard and the government should behaved like wise and allow people to have a right to meeting, gathering free without fear from the government. Fiji government should learn a lesson from Egypt and Libya and other countries that if people can get tired of being puss and trample everything will get lose. Fiji must stop burying it head in the sand and start to listen to the voices of the people

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