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Ohio: Turning the tide from Wisconsin?

09 Nov 2011, By

Great news this morning from Ohio, which along with Wisconsin is one of the slew of US states where Republicans (in this case Governor John Kasich) have been trying to remove collective bargaining rights and key working conditions from public sector workers in the name of austerity.

A publicly demanded referendum has dramatically overturned the law Gov Kasich rammed through in the face of protests last March. That they did so in the face of well funded campaigns by right wing outrider organisations, and attempts to restrict access to voting makes the 2/3 majority result all the more impressive.

Owen has more on Kasich’s plans and the union-backed campaign against them over at Touchstone.

The AFL-CIO have this nice 2 minute video documenting the campaign. It’s inspiring viewing and an important illustration of the principle that we need to be doing more in documenting our campaigns as they take place, not just once we’ve (hopefully) won them.

Sharing what went well and how the campaign came together is more valuable for building future campaigns than any amount of victory speeches, and given the scale of the problem activists currently face in the US, there are going to be a lot more of those future campaigns to come.