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It’s a ‘Yes’!

14 Nov 2011, By

Today saw a slew of ballot results for action on public service pensions – with members saying a resounding ‘yes’. Those voting for industrial action today included physiotherapists, radiographers and chiropodists in the NHS and professional, specialist and senior civil servants.  It doesn’t quite fit the picture some in the media and government are trying to paint with talk of in the press of ‘union barons’ and all the other old stereotypes.

  • Physios union the CSP  voted 86%yes on a 66% turnout
  • NHS radiographers in the SoR voted 84% yes on a 58% turnout
  • Chiropodists union the SCP voted 85% with a 52% turnout
  • Members of the FDA, which represents senior civil servants, voted 81% yes on a 54% turnout
  • And professional and specialist civil servants union Prospect voted 75% yes, with a 52% turnout

There are more announcements to come, with ballots in Unite, GMB, NASUWT, Napo and more all set to close later this week.

And remember to check out for mythbusters, posters, leaflets and more about the campaign in the run-up to 30 November.

2 Responses to It’s a ‘Yes’!

  1. Rowland Hill
    Nov 14th 2011, 7:38 pm

    The tide is turning. The Government needs to beware the tsunami of change. Ordinary working people are showing their resolve to stand up to the cold, austerity
    measures of a government whose only interest is themselves and their cronies who make up the greedy, richest 1%. The 99% are not prepared to stand by idly while their livelihoods are being destroyed by an uncaring Coalition of fatcats.

  2. Les Carr
    Nov 18th 2011, 5:37 am

    Just looked at the event map of “FalseEconomy” website – many events in England and Wales, none in Scotland or Northern ireland. Does this mean pension chnages do not apply or that most post public functions have been devolved to the Scottish & Ireland Parliaments? Or something else?

    Les carr
    Sydney, Australia