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US nurses care about British pensions

28 Nov 2011, By

I often use this blog to ask you to take solidarity action with workers in other countries. But tonight, it’s the other way round. On Wednesday, nurses across the USA will be protesting in solidarity with British public sector workers who are striking to defend their pensions. The National Nurses Union (NNU) will be leading protests outside the British Embassy in Washington DC and at five Brish Consulates from the North East in Boston, the Mid-West in Chicago, the South East in Orlando and in California (Los Angeles and San Francisco). The NNU is an affiliate of the TUC’s sister organisation, the AFLCIO, who will also be taking part in the protests with unions like the Teamsters – one of the unions who we’ve helped, most recently over the Sotheby’s US lockout.

The flyer for their event makes clear the old union adage – your fight is our fight:

Like their US counterparts, British officials want to slash public worker pensions to cut public deficits — even though, like Social Security in the US, British pension funds are financially sound.


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