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What will you be singing on November 30?

28 Nov 2011, By

On November 30 nurses on the other side of the Atlantic will be showing support for the TUC’s day of action. The National Nurses Union will be rallying outside British Consulates across the US in support of the 30 unions taking industrial action – an exciting and welcome development, but one which has provoked a question that I’m relying on readers of this blog to answer.

Earlier today Ken Zinn, the NNU’s director of strategic campiagns, emailed me to ask what songs and chants people will be using on picket lines across the UK on November 30, and I have to admit I drew a bit of a blank. 

I’ll guess there will be a fair few‘No if’s, no but’s etc etc’ and one or two renditions of ‘David Cameron, hear us shout…’ , but have any Stronger Unions readers got any better ideas? What are you planning to do to raise spirits and a few laughs on your picket line, march or rally this Wednesday?

Suggestions in the comments box or via Twitter please…oh, and try to remember this is a ‘family friendly’ blog so please reflect that in your suggestions!


3 Responses to What will you be singing on November 30?

  1. Ron Gordon
    Nov 28th 2011, 5:21 pm

    2,4, 68 We don’t want to work that late – was a popular chant on June 30th

    I liked the placard with a picture of elderly public school master on it with the slogan “You’re going nowhere, Mr Chips!”

  2. Gregor Gall
    Nov 28th 2011, 7:22 pm

    No but there are some soundtracks to N30 – see Union songs – the UnionNews Top Ten (

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