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Good and bad news from Iran

30 Nov 2011, By

Ebrahim Madadi (right) with fellow Vahed Syndicate leader Mansour Osanlou, also recently released on bail. Photo 2006 Arash Ashoorinia,

UPDATE: And now it’s bad and bad news. In a move denounced by the ITUC as “crass and cynical”, Ebrahim was rearrested yesterday. You can read more here.

There’s so much going on in Britain at the moment that it can be easy to forget what’s going on elsewhere. But we won’t – we remember how many other trade unionists don’t have the rights we do. One such country is Iran. Yesterday I was blogging over at Amnesty International UK about the hunger strike that jailed busworkers union leader Reza Shahabi had started after over a year in jail. But this evening we’ve heard better news about Ebrahim Madadi – from the same union in Tehran – who has been released from jail. Ebrahim had been unjustly held on false charges of endangering national security since being arrested and then rearrested in 2007 and 2008.

ITUC General Secretary Sharan Burrow said:

“He is free because trade unionists worldwide have been demanding justice. It is also a result of pressure through the International Labour Organization which has been critical of Iran for not living up to the international obligations they have signed onto.”