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Live and striking: Unions live blogging 30 November

30 Nov 2011, By

Today’s Day of Action on public service pensions is the biggest strike in a generation, so it’s going to set a lot of firsts, but one I’ve noticed is how connected the day is going to be online. Many unions are going to be maintaining liveblogs to keep their members in the loop, and many more will be taking to Twitter to highlight what’s happening. Here’s a roundup of some good places to look for the latest news from unions:

Pensions Justice LIVE blog: TUC Tumblr blog, drawing together photos, links, videos and Tweets about the day.

PCS November 30 Live: PCS are publishing updates on the day across their live blog, twitter and flickr.

Prospect Frontline reports: Prospect are circulating updates from branches and workplaces as they get them.

UCU LIVE Action 2011: UCU are using live event technology Cover It Live to provide a running commentary, highlighting messages from their members.

UNISON Live Blog: Updates on the progress of the strike around the country, and messages of support.

Unite N30 Live: Unite are linking people through text messaging. They’ve given over their site’s home page to text messages from members and supporters. Send them a text to 86888 (free after your normal network costs) to have them pass it on.

FDA 30 November page: FDA are on strike for the first time in their 92 year history, and marking the day with a page of photos from pickets and actions.

NASUWT Day of Action: NASUWT are keeping a live blog of activity throughout the day.

Twitter: And many of the unions taking action or offering support to the Day of Action are on Twitter: @athrawoncymru, @atlunion, @brdieteticassoc, @eisunion, @fbunational, @gmbpressoffice, @midwivesrcm@nasuwtunion, @nipsa, @nutonline, @pcs_union, @pensionsjustice, @prospectunion, @rmtunion, @scp_podiatryuk, @siptuireland, @sorpensions, @ssta_union, @thebma, @thecsp, @thercn, @tssaunion, @ucu, @unisontweets, @unitetheunion

We’ve made a Twitter list of all these accounts if you’d like to follow them all in one go!