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Tunisian trade unionists elect new leaders

31 Dec 2011, By

What were you doing on Christmas Day? Your colleagues in Tunisia were holding the first day of the 22nd Congress of the UGTT, the national trade union centre that played a key role in the Tunisian revolution last January, and had for years before that maintained an uneasy – and occasionally compromised – role as the…

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Protest at Ecuador’s savage public sector dismissals

30 Dec 2011, By

As you contemplate further campaigning against the cuts and redundancies in Britain’s public sector, spare a thought for public sector workers facing even more savage cuts in other countries. Several thousand public servants, mainly in the health and public administration sectors, were recently arbitrarily dismissed leaving Ecuador’s health and central administration services in disarray. Many…

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Back protests about oil workers killed in Kazakhstan

29 Dec 2011, By

On Friday 16 December  a celebration of Independence Day in the Western Kazakhstan city of Zhanaozen ended up with violent clashes between police and protesting oil workers who have been striking since May,  demanding wage increases (the global union federations representing oil workers in the country protested this autumn about developments in the dispute.) It…

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US mortgages that work for workers

28 Dec 2011, By

This is NOT a sales pitch, but I’d be interested in any examples of similar provisions in Europe. I’ve just come across a remarkable blog on the AFLCIO website about a union-backed mortgage plan which provides cover for people on strike, unemployed or off sick (remember that in the US, social security is far more…

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Back Amnesty’s campaign for trade union rights in Turkey

27 Dec 2011, By

Emphasising their long-held belief that trade union rights are human rights, Amnesty International are working with Turkish unions to demand that trade union laws are brought into line with ILO standards. Although the main focus of the action is with the Turkish trade union confederations DISK and KESK – there was a big postcard campaign…

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Pay bargaining and injustice

19 Dec 2011, By

On 21 February the TUC will be holding its annual Pay Bargaining Forum with Incomes Data Services. (More details, or register) It’s about equipping union representatives with facts and arguments that will be useful in the 2012 pay negotiations; this is the bread and butter of trades unionism, but we’re consciously putting that in the context…

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