From the TUC

Back protests about oil workers killed in Kazakhstan

29 Dec 2011, By

On Friday 16 December  a celebration of Independence Day in the Western Kazakhstan city of Zhanaozen ended up with violent clashes between police and protesting oil workers who have been striking since May,  demanding wage increases (the global union federations representing oil workers in the country protested this autumn about developments in the dispute.) It has been reported that oil workers planned to have a peaceful rally on Zhanaozen’s main square but were attacked.  According to reports we have received, armed police were sent against the demonstrators.  Some reports say the police used their weapons, that 16 were killed and over 100 injured. Since the protests 26 people have been arrested.

However, there are reports that the Kazakh elite has begun to take a softer line with the oil workers, and have replaced key people involved in the repression, so now is the time to step up the pressure on the regime. Please send a message to the Kazakhstan authorities calling on them to cease violence against their own people.