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The massive turnout on 30 November

18 Jan 2012, By

Striking workers and supporters marching on 30 November. Photo: TUC

We’ve always said that the November 30 strike was a tremendous success. Once you take into account the number of workers taking part, the range of unions and occupations – some of whom had never struck before – the level of support across the country was brilliant.

Of course, some publications and commentators had decided even before the strike took place that it was a flop.

Well, today’s monthly employment figures from the Office for National Statistics provide a definitive rebuttal. They include the first set of industrial dispute statistics covering November and they show that the number of working days “lost” to disputes (the ONS’s language, not mine) in November was the highest for 20 years:

Whenever there’s large scale industrial action there will always be people who are eager to tell us that it was a failure. In every major dispute, a new generation of activists learns that these people don’t know as much as they pretend.

If you know anyone who was depressed by those articles, show them these figures. They might cheer them up.