From the TUC

Netroots UK North West

14 Feb 2012, By Guest

Saturday 18th February sees the return of Netroots UK.  Manchester will play host to activists from across the online (and hopefully offline) community engage in approaches to how we can effectively campaign in a digital world.

I’ve been asked to be in one of the sessions entitled ‘Campaigning Strategies‘ which is looking at understanding how change happens and what motivates people to support your campaign,and better ways to plan your campaigns.  I’m still in the process of trying to hone down all the theory and knowledge of the Organising Academy down into ten minutes (!) but I’m thinking of focusing on the mistakes that we commonly make when running campaigns.

I have yet to come across a campaigner or organiser that hasn’t, at some point, made a mistake.  We all do, it’s human nature.  The important part is to recognise that we need to learn from them, and crucially, share that learning.

So, my question to the organisers reading this – what mistakes do you think we make in our campaigns?  What have you learnt that you’d like to pass on to others?

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