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VIDEO: Are we in danger of a two tier NHS?

02 Mar 2012, By

An opportune time to give this UNISON campaign video another airing. It may be tongue in cheek, but points to a deadly serious problem.

It’s particularly topical as the House of Lords are set to be discussing raising the Private Patient Income Cap next week – the part of the government’s controversial Health and Social Care Bill that will let hospitals make up to 49% of their income from private patients (typically it’s currently around 2%). This could see NHS patients pushed to the back of the queue for treatment in NHS facilities, and waiting lists growing and growing as more people take up private care in order to be seen more quickly. It’s an ideological blow aimed at some of the founding principles of our NHS.

The Lords are debating three amendments to the Bill that would address this threat – 218A, 220A and 220C. They’ve come close to defeating the government before on this Bill, and this could be a deciding moment if enough crossbenchers and Liberal Democrats are willing to back these three amendments.

Please take a moment to use our “Adopt a Peer” tool to send an email or letter to a member of the House of Lords, urging them to vote against raising the Private Patient Income Cap.

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