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Unions in France, USA, Zimbabwe back 7 March NHS rally

04 Mar 2012, By

The messages of global union solidarity for the Save our NHS rally on Wednesday keep flooding in. The latest national trade union centres to send us their messages are the CFDT in France, the AFLCIO in the USA and the ZCTU in Zimbabwe.

The message from our Zimbabwean colleagues, to whom we have extended solidarity so many times in their struggle to survive, is particularly welcome because they demonstrate the essential point of solidarity when they write:

“Your concerns as working people of Britain are also our concerns. Solidarity forever!”

But they also show that this is more than just a response to our requests for solidarity – they go on to demonstrate that they ‘get’ what the Bill is about even if the British Government claims otherwise:

“There will be fragmentation of the health service, worsening the care available to patients, and uncertainty for NHS employees, with the quality of training and their terms and conditions of employment likely to suffer. Stop the Bill now!”

The AFLCIO also understand all too well what a privatised health system means: they’ve been campaigning to get the USA to head in the opposite direction! President Rich Trumka said in his message:

“Given the ongoing challenges facing workers in the UK and globally, it is irresponsible to attack a program that is so key to working families.”



2 Responses to Unions in France, USA, Zimbabwe back 7 March NHS rally

  1. Kenth G
    Mar 4th 2012, 6:12 pm

    Such a shame you screwed up this opportunity of three life times to actually pull together some numbers to march, rally, demonstrate – call it what you will. But to push together a few hundred people in Central Hall and condemn the rest of the millions of concerned health workers, patients and ordianary people of this country to just watching via web-link is nothing short of pathetic. What on earth made you come up with that idea? The police!?

  2. Jim Moores
    Mar 6th 2012, 11:02 pm

    I can only agree with Kenth G. What on earth has happened to the unions in this country? This is the single, greatest threat to health and social care in the last 100 years and what do we do – we have a nice quiet tea party in the Methodist Hall. The Condems must be terrified. I will be there but for goodness sake wake up. There is huge support for action – rise up!