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This is what solidarity with the NHS means…

05 Mar 2012, By

Despite – or perhaps because of – the terrible struggles they are engaged in, we have received messages of support for our 7 March rally to save the NHS from some of the trade unions facing the most difficult circumstances in the world, such as the Palestinian and Swaziland trade union movements. In particular, trade unionists in Tunisia have sent us their revolutionary greetings:

“The UGTT send fraternal greetings and our total support to our trade union brothers and sisters in the United Kingdom in their efforts to protect the National Health Service from the Goverment austerity cuts and their determination to privatise large parts of the service. We understand and fully support the fundamental principle of health care for all at the point of need for all your citizens. We stand together with you to support your actions, just as the TUC and its affiliated trade unions stood courageously with the UGTT and the Tuinisian people in supporting our revolution. We wish you every success in your action.”

The Palestine General Federation of Trade Unions told us:

In the name of all trade unions at Palestine General Federation of Trade Unions ( PGFTU) and all Palestinians we express our solidarity and support to TUC activities, we believe that your struggle address the social determinants of health, in particular, the growing inequity within and between nations mostly due to the unfair economic structures which look so many people into poverty, and poor health, equity, ecologically ,sustainable development and peace are that the heart of you and our vision of a better world , a world in which people voices guide the decisions that shape their lives. We are supporting your continuous struggle for better and more justice.

And the Swaziland trade union movement, about to unite for the first time, and operating under the last feudal monarchy in Africa, have sent us this message:

On behalf of the Swaziland Federation of Trade Unions and its affiliates, amongst whom, the National Public Service and Allied Workers Union (NAPSAWU) and the Swaziland Democratic Nurses Union (SWADNU), we would like to extend our unreserved support and solidarity to the workers of the National Health Services on their defense of the interest of the poor, the marginalized and the vulnerable users of public health institutions as well as their own.

The Swaziland Federation of Trade Unions (SFTU) believes that affordable health care is a constitutional right for all citizens of the world.  It is a right not for sale for profit making.  Indeed the lives of the general population cannot be for sale. The federation wishes you all a successful rally against tendencies of intended legislations seeking to cause redundancies of the National Health services workers and making accessibility to good health care provision difficult.

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