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More health unions send global solidarity to save our NHS

06 Mar 2012, By

A further nine public sector and health unions have sent us glowing messages of solidarity for tomorrow’s Save our NHS rally. The latest batch of messages – solicited by UNISON – have come from Cyprus, the Czech Republic, France, Greece, Korea, Norway, South Africa, Sweden and Zimbabwe. As usual, it’s a mix of horror at what is being contemplated by the British Government, and tales of what has happened in countries which are already suffering the results of similar measures.

In particular, the Greek public sector trade union confederation ADEDY sent this message:

The neoliberal policies, the abolishment of social and labour rights, the privatizations, the unpopular austerity measures imposed by most of European governments aim to the dismantling of social and welfare state and will lead the workers, the citizens and the society to misery and poverty.

The Czech firefighters’ union added:

There have also been such attempts here in the Czech Republic, and we are aware of the privatisation dangers that might cause unwanted collapse of the NHS.

Cypriot FP-SEK union said:

Considering the financial crisis and its negative effects on the working class, Governments’ priority must be to strengthening the social protection, and therefore they should protect and improve the national health services.

Meanwhile South Korean Health & Medical Workers’ Union issued this rallying cry:

Our struggle towards “Health for All” and “Life before Money” in Korea have been inspired and encouraged by the NHS and UNISON in UK. It is very sure that the NHS is one of the most historic assets of social security and popular welfare not only for workers in UK, but also for workers in Korea as well as all over the world.